(Take out Your Cameras and Cell Phones to Prove You Were There!)

The road through Fairmont, NC is the shortest route to Myrtle Beach, SC.

As you drive down U.S. Route 95, take a photo of the large sign that says “Shortest Route to the Beach” for 10 points.

NC Route 41 will not only take you through Fairmont, but also to Myrtle Beach! Take a photo of a sign that says “Shortest Beach Route” for 10 points

Downtown Fairmont is listed on the National Historical Register. Historical markers throughout the town pay tribute to people, places and things of importance to the community.

Take a photo of two historical markers honoring famous residents for 10 points each.

Take a photo of the stone honoring world war veterans for 10 points each.

Find the sundial and take a photograph for 10 points each

Fairmont has a bell just as big as the Liberty Bell, take a photo for 10 points each.

Mark the time at the town clock for 10 points.

Spiritual Signs of Significance: Fairmont is a town of great churches, see if you can find these important places.

There are two First Baptist Churches in Fairmont, get 10 points each for a total of

20 points when you photograph both churches – photo only one and get only 10 points

The 12 Stations of Christ are featured on the lawn of this local church. Get 20 points for a photo of this spiritual location.

Did you know that Fairmont has its own museum?

Take a photo of the sign with the name of the museum on it for 10 points.

A photo of the actual museum is worth an additional 10 points!

Get a photo of an old farm tool and celebrate a triple dipper 30 points!

We have art and entertainment here in Fabulous Fairmont!

Find the bandstand in the community park and take a photo for 10 points.

Can you find the Heritage Center? It’s worth 10 points!

The Stage of Fairmont is a new theatre and a photo of it is worth 15 points!

Fairmont has one of the best golf courses in Robeson County, can you find it for 15 points!

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