The Stage – Fairmont Arts & Culture Center, a “found space” theatrical facility is pleased to announce the formation of “The Fairmont Theatre Company,” a program designed to produce and present performances with support from local residents as writers, actors and technicians.

Converting an old neighborhood grocery store from “found space” into a small theatre has been challenging. The facility houses both portable small and full stages for presentations. Theatre lights and an audio system offer opportunities for training in the technical aspects of play production. Workshop space is available for creating sets and costumes. The facility also houses a dressing area with a make-up table and lighting.

The Fairmont Theatre Company has decided to concentrate presenting two types of performances: (1) providing space for presenting plays from established companies and (2) creating and producing its own plays for public consumption.

Plans for the 2017-2018 Fall/Winter calendar include the production of an original play by a local young author and readings of works from renown literary artists. Look for upcoming information on theatre training, casting calls and performances.

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